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Custom Design

Brooklyn WoodWorking Company

Not only do Brooklyn Woodworking Company provide outstanding craftsmanship we also care about the customer and their needs. Our team schedules home visits around the customers schedule and guarantee on-time delivery. Team work makes our business stand out from the crowd. We work together to ensure customer satisfaction.

BrooklynWW is located in New York City, Brooklyn. Our skilled craftsmen produce framed and frameless style cabinetry for every room in your home or office. We have been manufacturing quality cabinetry and elegant wood working since years. BrooklynWW is known for its quality.


OUR MISSION is to provide quality products, professional client services, and a constructive work environment.

OUR VISION is to become a profitable business through honest work, timeless quality and genuine care, all with the consistency of habit.

We utilize state of the art technology and custom designed equipment in our manufacturing and support systems, which enables us to meet each customer’s specific needs, now and in the future. At Brooklyn WoodWorking Company we pay great attention to details so we maintain an offering that is second to none. Please see our services section for more details on services we provide.