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Although we are a woodworking shop, it would be safe to say that Fabuwood is a powerful and leading corporation in the cabinetry world. They ship out thousands of cabinets daily.

One of the post from highlights the flexibility and combination of solid surface countertops and woodwork countertops. Article is titled as “How to pair kitchen countertops and cabinets“.  In the article it mentions how to mix and match color choices of cupboards and countertops. Also mentions about techniques for combining solid surface kitchen countertops and cabinets. here is a few passages. here at BrooklynWW, we fabricate Corian therefore we recommend this for your solid surface projects.

Seamless corian finish kitchen countertop

Seamless corian finish kitchen countertop

“If you’re looking to create color combinations that go great together, you’ll want at least some variation. Generally speaking, stark white cupboards with stark white countertops are usually too dull-looking. But if you have white, marble countertops that have blue veining, you can pair them with white cupboards and pick up the blue from the countertops somewhere else in the room. Another option is to have blue cupboards so that the blue in the marble will pop more.”

“Even if you choose a monochromatic color scheme, you’ll want at least several shades of your chosen color. For instance, if you choose to use varying shades of beige as the basis of your design, you’ll want at least two shades of beige, and you’ll likely want a brown or white to add contrast. Also, when you’re choosing your color scheme, one technique that you can use is to use a lot of one color in an area to pull out the color in another piece in your kitchen. For instance, if you have a granite countertop that has flecks of gold in it, you can make the gold in your granite countertops more dramatic by adding gold to your cupboards.”

Please check the article for more details. And check this article to see why we recommend and why should you use Corian in your kitchen.